MHV Logo (Anyone know where I can find it?)

So I’ve got some good footage for the video and am just waiting now for a few more shots (*Some finished projects, *some people hanging out and an Exterior Shot (hopefully we can get something cool happening there or make it look nicer).

Anywhos, I’d also like the Logo for the end. Anyone know who created it? Or if we have a good quality version? Preferably .eps or .ai. but a good png will work.


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Here is a svg file I picked up somewhere. (6.6 KB)

Sweet. Any ideas about this one?

Or something similar with the text “Make Hack Void”

No sorry, I just happened to have the other one - I can’t even remember where I picked it up from.

Though text should be pretty easy to replicate.

Yeah I’m not too worried about replicating it. Its just Logos are usually a strict thing that can’t change at all. Also I’m not 100% on which font to use…etc.

Don’t know it it helps but I asked around and got this: (2.4 MB)

Thanks for that Eyal. That’s the logo used in the dotted sign. I’m guessing we don’t really have a fixed logo we use, or maybe these are old ones.

I can use this or remake/keep hunting for the one that’s on the website. Personally I really like the website one. (38.7 KB)

Logo I recreated that’s on the website. Just the MHV in the box.