MHV Internet connection improvements

Spent some time this evening to improve the MHV ADSL connection.
Initial sync speed was approx 1.5Mbit down, 1Mbit up,
now 10.39Mbit down, 0.97Mbit up!

Traced the existing phone line to discover it negotiated a number of sharp bends then into a spare socket behind the alarm socket then disappearing into the floor, only to then emerge in the solder tag termination MDF.

Inside the MDF i discovered that the socket was bridged to two pairs destined to the street which is less than ideal! I suspect just fixing that issue might have improved the speed by a couple of mbit.

Used some new cat6a soldered directly to the tags opposite the incoming line and removing the green wire patch, and ran it to directly to the ADSL modem.,

The cable runs under the carpet tiles, as per existing ethernet connection to the spaceprobe. This is less than ideal, so i will resolve this in a way to reduce the bump in the floor and potential damage to cable. All the asbestos sheeting everywhere does limit the ‘normal’ options :unamused:

As i ran out of time, and was short of a few bits, this job is not complete yet but at lest the connection is much improved.

For those who care about rules, a TCA1 form will be supplied once this has all been completed appropriately .




Fantastic work. It will almost be like a real hackerspace with real internet now! :smile:

And then wait for the call from the alarm monitoring company when they get no response for a few days? :wink:

But great detective work so far.

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I’m 99% sure the DSL is on a separate service to the alarm… 99.9% sure? :slight_smile:

I confirmed that the alarm was connected to a different pair with a trace tool that sends a signal down the line.

Although with all the fiddling in the MDF, I should probably confirm that the alarm socket still has a nice clean dialtone by temporarily plugging in a analogue handset.

So will do that next time I am there.

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wow! great work! much appreciated

Champion of champions! Great work!

Great job! You did everything okay.