May 26, 2015 7:30pm: Important Community Meeting (Opening MHV at 3pm)

I’m going to open MHV by 3pm today until around 8:30pm or later.

Tonight is a scheduled community meeting, and we have a few things that are urgent to discuss. Anyone is welcome, including visitors and new members. The space will be open for normal use as well as the meeting.

Last years accounts have been finished for a while, and we need to schedule the very overdue 2014 AGM to present them and elect a new committee. This has become more urgent because the Treasurer, Lachlan, is leaving soon.

MHV is run by the members doing things rather than by the committee organising things - the committee just facilitates what the members do.

Please come along to the meeting at 7:30pm tonight if you think you can contribute to keeping MHV running.

We need new people to join the committee - it doesn’t take a lot of work to run MHV, but does need people to make sure bills paid, accounts are kept up to date, AGM is held, and to facilitate members organising workshops, events and working bees.


Thanks Brenda, I think I’ll be there, if not I’ll lurk on IRC for the best way to attend virtually

I don’t think I’ll be able to be there in person but happy to join via a
Hangout or other medium.

I’ll have to barge in a bit late, just leaving home now