Looking to borrow/use a desoldering gun

Hi, I’m looking to borrow/use a desoldering gun to remove some chips.

Happy to pay you back in cash, food, beer, etc.

Hi Nicholas
The space has desoldering tools and material available youare welcome to come and use.
The space will be open a little tonight from 7, or the main electronics night is on Wednesday.

food, beer, etc. sounds fun, but cash is more useful.
Membership is $30/mth or $5 per visit is also acceptable for one off occasions.
Concessions available to students, and seniors. Talk to a committee member for more information.

Also see:

Hi Ian

Is there a desoldering gun or just solder suckers?

Soldering irons, solder, braid, rework stations, tools / pliers etc, desolderers, heat shrink, spare parts, wire, headers and so on.

Did you manage to find someone with a desoldering gun to borrow? I know a few of our members have them so I could ask around nicely for you if you like. There is no desoldering gun at the space though; it’s on my mental wishlist for the space.

I found one thanks

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