Looking for mentors

Hey Guys, I am a Canberra resident who is trying to use this downturn to learn new things. My goal is to get hands on with 3D printing, 3D scanning, laser cutting and CNC machining. I have bought a FDM 3D printer at home and currently playing with it. I was wondering if the space has any support for 3D scanning, laser cutting and/or CNC machining.

Looking for mentors online now to learn the basics at home.

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I am in the same situation. Especially as Wednesday night is already taken with another event

Hi, welcome to the community.

There’ll be others on here that may be able to help with the printing and scanning. I haven’t had much of an opportunity to get involved with either.

The other two I’m happy to help with information where I can, but the biggest problem is access to equipment.

Machining is particularly difficult unless you know someone with the machine tool and all the supporting equipment that’s willing to let you learn on.

Having said that, step one for all these processes is learning a CAD package, do you have one in mind?

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My goal is to become a designer, not to become a machinist myself. Acquiring and having the understabring is important for me.

I am learning Fusion 360, I believe it will become the main offering from Autodesk for integrated manufacturing. Beside, it’s free for me because of edu license.

I would appreciate if you can guide me on this (CNC and laser cutting).