Looking for home Vinyl / sticker letter cutter service

Looking to put white bold lettering onto a wooden box in a specific font.

However, I need to find someone that has a sticker / vinyl cutter like a Cricut or Como to cut out the specific font I want to use. It’ll be about A8 in size (too small for commercial service) and happy to shell out for the help.

Anyone know of someone that could help?

Well I have the A0 Roland from MHV and did get as far as seeing some Linux sw that might drive it, but have not followed up as trying to finish other stuff & projects…

For that size work, maybe the better way is to use CNC with Roland knife. Again I have, but have not tested.

Happy to help you explore/use either of above. Either way, I do not have the vinyl…

Would it be possible to laser cut or are the fumes toxic?

Thanks for having a look. Laser would probably not work for the vinyl.

Does it have to be vinyl? Can you use paper/stickers and seal with varnish?

Or cut a stencil and then paint the letters on?

I’ve already tried stencils with paper and they bleed badly at this font size (10mm) and the finish isn’t great. I’m after a flat white lettering - still searching online for the service

The vinyl will give off toxic fumes…

Was thinking of painters tape for stencils. Paper was just thinking cutout, glue on, seal over.

Another idea that I have seen work really well (made excellent retirement gift), is cover timber with painters tape, engrave letters/design with CNC, paint, dry, then remove painters tape. Unless your font is a single line font that one of the 2.5D design tools can recognise (Inkscape, CamBam, LinuxCNC etc), then you would need to change font.

Thanks for suggestions managed to find something on Esty that do the vinyl lettering stickers. About $8 for what I’m after, so all good now.
Thanks again

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Sorry Adam, I haven’t been on the forum for a while and didn’t see your post. I have a cutter and can do the job for you if you still need it. Just give me the details and I can cut and bring the job to you.

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Hey Adam, did you figured it out, I am looking for the same services, can you suggest me any?

Got this guy from Brisbane on Etsy after geting a few quotes… Good price and great communication.

I know people have already said it’s toxic but I thought I’d chime in with a little more detail

Vinyl is a slang name for polyvinyl chloride which is commonly used in plumbing piping. The problem comes about with the chloride bit, when laser burns it, it off gasses chlorine gas which is the toxic bit, it also corrodes all the mechanical parts and ruins the optics. Wouldn’t surprise me if it also melted and caught fire too lol

Fun bit of trivia :grin: if you get a piece of copper and heat it up hot enough such that the plastic melts to it, then burn the sample in a blue flame you should see a bright green flame, I don’t know the chemistry but I think it’s the chlorine oxidising the copper



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Laser cutting makes it so easy that it’s trivial to get tempted by it, but thanks to the chloride gas it’s a big no-no.
This is where plotters come in handy, and thankfully, one has just beed returned to the space.