Locksport Canberra spreads northside


LockSport Canberra is heading north side for those interested in getting handy with a pick.

We will have the locks and the picks for you to use all you need to do is bring a positive personality and a desire to learn and share.

Doing the initial post to gauge interest areas or to answer questions you may have about this fun (and useful) activity.

• Important to know

  1. We are here to break shear lines, not the law.
  2. Dodgy behaviour is neither welcome nor tolerated.
  3. Participation is limited to those 18 years and over.

Sounds fun! @MOF has mentioned that they run on similar principles to https://toool.us/ - some which is spelt out at https://toool.us/bylaws.html

@MOF is the first person I’ve seen with a padlock pattern shaved into one’s hair :slight_smile:

Hope to see you around soon!


I’m quite interested and so is my girlfriend! I have a few tools I’ll bring for you guys to check out as well.:slight_smile:

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happy to go and have some fun :slight_smile:

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Yeah, needed to get into the spirit of it all @ BSides. still thinking of what to do for OzSecCon :grinning:

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We usually keep the workshops laid back and fun while trying to get everyone fully sick with a pick !

Cool, looking forward to it. new toys are always welcome. any specific locks i can bring to try out your tools?

Don’t think so, I think my kit would be considered pretty novice, would be
mainly interested in seeing what you thought of it. I just have a lockpick
set and a pick gun.

Barely know how to use them. :sweat_smile:

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For the latest LockSport updates and schedules checkout https://www.meetup.com/Canberra-Locksport/

Canberra LockSport @ MHV target dates:
22-May-18 - That’s right, This coming Tuesday : )

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