Linux conf 2021 in Canberra

So while catching up on 2020 videos, I just discovered that 2021 will be in Canberra.

I assume lots of you already knew that, but I don’t get out & about much so had not heard, and thought worth sharing.

Does anyone know when info on helping out will be available?

Should MHV get involved? (I vote YES!)


I was on the bid committee, and I’m on the organising committee :slight_smile:
We’re not entirely sure when the call for volunteers will go out, but I will make sure to post here on the forums, and on Facebook when it does go out.

/me switches to MHV hat
I agree that MHV should offer up whatever assistance we can.
Did you have any ideas on how we could @spanner888? Maybe there is a miniconf we could apply to run?

Maybe The Pi jam could work on something and have it ready for LCA (cc @crashman39)

Thanks for the info.

As to ideas, well there are the obvious, promoting to our members to help out, as well as attending, and then MHV doing solder workshops and all that common stuff (says he who has never attended, except online).

Then if we want to really push ourselves, the conference badge if there is one, or advanced workshops…

My only thought ATM is Freecad. I have been making ideas for a while, to see if I can get enough MHV (& Canberra community) interest to do some FreeCAD intro. Just got excited this week as I finally looked at latest FreeCAD to Kicad integration {2 way updates of: PCB board edges& custom shapes on board & footprints as well as 3D VRML} - looks really great and a good workflow. Heck I even got excited & created some FreeCAD wiki doco and had a pull request for an update to grbl gcode post processor code merged (v trivial code).

But as noted, I have never attended LCA conf, so really looking for ideas from those who have the vibe. Nor the experieince - eg how many people from outside Canberra will help org/run? As this will prob impact on locals ability to do workshops/talks etc.