Learn Aluminium Solder-Welding in 1xHour - 29th April 11:30am-12:30

Do you need a life changing event to move on to a higher level of Geekery ?

If so, come learn how to Solder-Weld Aluminium at this Workshop.

Normally, expensive tools like TIG Welders are required to join Aluminium. That makes it a little dangerous and out of reach of most Hackers. That technology is clearly only in the realms of Metal-Working professionals.

I will present and demonstrate an alternate process. This process provides a weld that is harder than surrounding material just like TIG welding. But can be done at a lower temperature with a common Propane/Butane gas burner as found at Jaycar/Bunnings.

Yes, of course it’s on youtube, and you could discover the hole process with lots of time and by trialing different products to get a process that will work for you. Or, just come along and spend one hour and be up and running.

This workshop will get straight to the point and give you the skills and sample of the product that you need to get started straight away. With Aluminium Solder/Welding you can do repairs or constructions in various sizes of Aluminium in a professional way.

I will then provide links at the end for further ordering of the consumables that I have found to work successfully.

Entry cost is $15 which simply covers the cost of some sample product. If you pay $20 that will provide a $5 Donation to MHV.

Sounds great, how do you want people to “sign up”?

Just sign up by saying “I’m in” here on this thread.

I do need people to sign up in advance because I need to know how many of these welding-rods to bring.

It takes a week to land the product here from overseas.

So please, register in this thread.

So far:

  • Ian
  • Max Bainrot
  • Steve Kennedy
  • Derryn Harvie (maybe)

Don’t be afraid of making it closer to the AGM… the next committee we vote in will make or break MHV’s future; if cashflow+expenses remains where it is, we’ll be winding up by 2019. I’m glad to see an opportunity for the workshop to improve AGM attendance :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in

Not sure if I’ve sounded off already but mark me as in

Hi David, sounds great, see you Sat week.

Thanks for coming everyone.

No problems David, thanks for having us and teaching us a really neat skill

Apologies for not being able to make it, unfortunately travel got in the way. Looks like it would have been fun.

Thanks David it was great thing to learn ,Again thank you fr your time :slight_smile: