Laser Status Megathread

Hi all, I thought it would be a good idea to keep all info related to our laser cutters current functional status in one thread for easy access and reference, saves flooding the site with new threads every time something happens.

I’ve got two pieces on info here: The first is that the tube in the donated K40 we have has now been tested and confirmed functional, so sooner or later we’ll be extending its bed out, upgrading its control board, and just making it an all round nicer device.

The other info is that for the main laser cutter (the one we purchased), for the sake of clarity I’ll call it K40 Prime (if someone’s got a better idea for how to refer to them please post in the thread), while working just fine, is perhaps working a little TOO fine.

A day or so ago I noticed that while the laser runs fine with the safety key inserted, it’s also running just fine with it removed. I can hear the relay controlling the power clicking on and off, but no matter what the device still runs.
Either the relay has fused, or there’s a short in it.

In short: The manual safety button and lid interlock still work fine, and the device is still safe to use, however the total power interlock isn’t functioning as desired.

This will need to be serviced at some point.
I believe Ian installed it, so for now I’ll leave it to him.

It appears the laser cutters tube is unable to energise, while I was able to spend a small amount of time tonight looking at it I will investigate further in the coming days.
If anyone knows of anything that’s happened to it in the time the forum has been down, such information would be greatly appreciated, as right now I have little to no indication of what the fault might be.
(The only indication I have as of now is corrosion in the relays that were previously installed in the machine, indicating a possible tube leak, however I am not sure if this is the cause, or if the corrosion on the relays are relevant at all)