Laser Maintenance

Hey All,

@Rurik and I were chatting last night while I had the laser cutting some MDF - we think it might be time for a clean. Nether of us know what to do though - is there someone with experience who could assist?

ping @RyRyPrime
ping @crashman39 (and wednesday night crew)


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I may not be there tonight, however for the viewing window a simple damp paper towel with its water wringed out, wiped across the underside of the window once, then followed by a dry paper towel should suffice.
As for the mirror and lens itself, I forget the specific material used, but this describes the process I used professionally, however, for K40’s, it looks like a simple microfibre cloth with some Isopropyl Alcohol is the best go, and it even suggests a small amount of acetone on the mirrors if anything’s on too strong, however I’d only use the Iso, worst case just let it soak in Iso a little longer, it’s basically Acetone’s younger, marginally less harmful sibling anyway.


I had followed the laser cutting videos but not finding enough explanation?