June 28, 2016 6:30PM: Giralang Move Discussion

Hi All,

The paperwork from ACTPG has come in and it’s time for us to discuss and possibly sign. The space will be open on Tuesday from 6:30 with discussions starting at ~7:30pm.

Previous discussion can be found here.

If you’re unable to make it in person, feel free to post your thoughts here, or email me (jamie@jre.id.au).



sorry, I have to work that night

I do like giralang though and thought that actpg gave us a pretty good deal on the space

I hope to be involved in the move

I will be away on tuesday so I will be able to help when it come time I have a trailer.

For the benefit of those that couldn’t make it: we will now approach ACTPG for a potential move-in date, soon-ish, hopefully avoiding paying double rent by having some weeks between signing the lease and moving in.

  • We discussed that our current financial donations are not keeping us cashflow positive; the new space will require us even more to remind people to donate if they can.
  • We also discussed advertising - we’ll throw $50 at FB & Twitter ads.
  • Contacted @eyal to see if we can help promote a workshop he’s thinking of running.
  • @jambulance will bring boxes for packing.
  • @jambulance will ring ACTPG.
  • We tried to pay rent but had login problems. @devdsp & @jambulance will try again this week.
  • We did commbank access forms for other committee.

Sounds like a great idea

Just had a fresh look at the photos…

as (jack?) was mentioning, very close to the AFL grounds for Quadcopter and RC usage…

and also, reconfirming, trailer available for use…

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My trailer is available 7 x 5 ft

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