June 14, 2016 6:30PM: Committee meeting

Feel free to add. @Dexta_Bb may not be able to attend until late.

  • Ensure @Dexta_Bb has everything required to organize banking access for new committee
  • DONE Ensure all in new committee has google drive access and other permissions required to function as committee
  • Ensure new committee is able to pay manually paid bills
    • Elec/water/rent
  • PO Box mail status?
    • Sent mail to @mbainrot in case we need to update PO Box keyholders etc.
    • Have we paid the renewal bill? Pinged @jellyware in case he remembers paying it
  • Giralang move actions
  • State of membership signups/renewals
    • 11 renewals in 2 weeks, huzzah


  • Purchase of new hot-end for solidoodle - @Ian has ordered - MHV owes ~$54 (we opted for fast postage)
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I phoned our ACTPG contact yesterday but they didn’t answer the phone. I’ve left a message asking them to call me.