Jan 27, 2016 07:00PM: Electronics Wednesday

Wednesday is Electronics day!

(Mahalo doesn’t handle repeating appointments)

@eyal - Are you coming ?

I’m very sure you need an RGB-LED for your ESP-8266.

You could have different colours for the different temperatures. It would save you having to go look up the temperature in your gnu plot.

I’m going to bring my new power-adaptor, that I got asked to make from Europe. They said ‘fine - but where’s the power switches for those?’. So now I have some. They’ll ask for cases next - I know.

I’ll be there.

[quote=“clixx_io, post:2, topic:685”]
you need an RGB-LED for your ESP-8266.[/quote]

I have one on the esp-witty, and removed one from another board. It uses power and as such is not suitable for battery operation. Unless I use a button to request the display.

Pretty good turnout last night I thought.

Thanks @eyal for helping me with the DS18B20. When I turned on that system this morning it was still working - a very good sign.

Here is one of those waterproof ones mounted to a board - with cable-tie - but seems firm.