Internet access for IOT in the space

We are in the process of finding a solution for the need of internet access in the space, specifically for IOT devices (so low volume). We are now on a SIM (90 days plan) which will expire soon (June?).

I often see cheap specials pass by, like this one with Groupon
which is discounting this one
(I am not familiar with Groupon, is it a members only thing?).

Should we grab one?

I’m almost wondering if it’d be cheaper to get an “As you go” plan for IoT, such as Amaysim’s.
365 day expiry if you buy $10 credit, with 15.4c/MB data.
That’d get you around 600MB, but if we only use 600MB from IoT devices then it’s $10/year.
I’d be curious as to how much our current weather probe uses, and the space probe would use around 50kb or less per tweet.

If usage was that low they yes.

The problem is that somehow we seem to loose many gigabytes of data overnight. We need to set up some usage monitoring to see where it is going to. Something anonymous to show total usage every hour or such.

We know that some people forget to disable system updates and their laptop just goes online when they connect - but we did ask people to not do this, yet…

Regardless, is we use this SIM for ONLY IoT then we should be safe with a smallish allowance.