Ideas for projects

Hi all
I have a couple of ideas rattling around in my head for a while.
One is using the televideo 910 (which turns on btw) hooked to a raspberry pi for a controller for the space in a retro way Eg: ascii art intro screen, text menus To various functions around the space.

The other one is another clock but with a difference it is in the shape of a resistor and with Ws2812 or similar rgb led it displays time and date in resistor colour code.
Let me know what you think

I’ve played with the dumb terminal before, it does work fine (needs some glue on the yoke coil so that the younger folks don’t go crazy with the high-pitched whine it makes) but I couldn’t get a termcap going in Linux that would properly do arbitrary cursor movements reliably enough for ascii art via mplayer/aalib.

I think you could probably figure it out, just sharing what I’ve learnt so far.

Ok thanks for the info i will look at it on Wednesday.

I have an idea for a project.

So it uses something like these Paddle Shifters and Android or a mobile-phone.

Does anyone know how to program Android or iPhones ?

I will present the full idea on Wednesday at Electronics Night.

@chrashman39 - I would prefer/vote for the televideo as it would need lots of different modules/code integrated and add features to the space … and there are already plenty of showy of lights :slight_smile:

@clixx_io intriguing teaser…but I hope the Paddle Shifters you have in mind and not $783!

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Right - well that’s part of the Teaser. I was thinking about 3D-Printed paddles perhaps or ones made in Aluminum. The paddles themselves aren’t the major part of the challenge per se. It’s the Electronics project that gets attached that is the interesting part.

Additional to the Teaser is that this project has the potential ability to earn $20,000+ if we can do it and successfully enter it in the Challenge and it wins.

A Win would bring much needed funding to the hackerspace.

If it doesn’t win, I’m sure that it can get in the National TV News and give good exposure for MHV.

It’s a Safety Device as a hint, with the potential to save lives. But very geeky and Hackerish at the same time.

Technical difficulty factor is medium. It shouldn’t be too difficult to make but it’s outside the scope of just one persons efforts. Perfect as a group project though.