Hoping to film at MHV on Thursday night

Hey guys. I was hoping to do some filming at MHV on Thursday the 15th in the workshop 5.00-9.00pm.

What this would mean: The workshop area wouldn’t be very usable at that time. I suppose it’d be no different to someone working there and taking space. Chances are there wouldn’t be anyone there anyways on a Thurs night but I thought I’d mention it incase.

Anyways, if you think this might be an issue please let me know and I can perhaps change the date.

Also, I never formally asked for permission to film there, but I mentioned it to Adam and he didn’t seem to think it was an issue. Please let me know if this would be a problem at all.


I still think this is fine. Thanks for letting everyone know. I really like this post; it communicates the details of your intentions, the possible impacts on people and calls for people to speak up if they have a problem.

Hopefully people feel like they can speak up if this kind of thing would impact them, trust that we’d take their concerns seriously and trust that we’d do what we can to accommodate everyone’s needs.