Holy MHV Maps Batman!

I feel like we had at least one lost soul end up at the old space for last week’s Electronics Wednesday so it’s time I made an effort to move our maps around!

  1. I notice FB is still pulling our old space address on the FB page to render the map!

    What the hell is wego.here.com!?
  1. Who has control over the G+ page? I’ve updated our WHOIS data so I feel we can begin moving our Google Maps listing. “Nuh-uh, your WHOIS still says downer” was a thing they said last time, if memory serves…

  2. Anyone have an OpenStreetMaps account?

Ideas welcome

i have an OpenStreetsMaps account

G+ is maybe tied to the YouTube account - I don’t this doesn’t really help.

updated MHV on openstreetmaps

might need a bit more tidying up, been a few years since i have used OSM.

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