Hobby shops/Model kits

Does anyone know of any other hobby shops around Canberra that sell plastic model kits, tools, paints, glues and stuff?

I know of Monaro Models & Hobbies in Fyshwick, which had a decent selection of kits and gear.
I’m just curious to see if there are any more around.
I’m new to Canberra and would like to get back into building scale models.


Toyworld in Fyshwick also has a decent selection. The Military Shop in Fyshwick had some stock last time I looked but it was a while back.

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Thanks! I’ll give them a go tomorrow and see whats there. Mainly after paints and glue for now.
No doubt will need more models at skme point though :stuck_out_tongue:

Also check monaro models and hobbies on Kembla st aswell , i was in there a couple of weeks ago and they had plastic models paint etc

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Toyworld had a huge selection of models and glues and gear. Thanks guys!