Help to finish painting toilet walls

I didn’t finish painting the walls in the toilet yesterday, and I’m going to be away for a bit. If anyone wants to finish the painting, the edges are done, just need a drop sheet & a roller to put white paint on the two side walls. I don’t think the back wall needs doing. The white paint and paint tray are downstairs and the roller is in the shelves in the bathroom.

Some of the white panels on the geometric mural need touching up, could be worth doing that while the white paint is open.

I hope to get to this on Wednesday or Thursday morning. I’ll leave “Wet Paint” signs if I do, but the Space doesn’t seem to be scheduled to be opened again until 1pm on Thursday.

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I did a coat on Wednesday morning but will come back to do another. The paint tin is in the bathroom. I also touched up the geometric wall.

Second coat went on Thursday afternoon without the assistance of Emergency Services. FTW.