Help fixing the welder, please? :)

Hi guys,

Travis and ran into a problem with the welder today :frowning: and we’ve exhausted our ability to fix it. We’d love anyone’s assistance.

Problem: the welder turns on, but no wire feeds out, and the usual running noise is absent.

Attempts to fix: we have tried the usual things (cleaning the nozzle, manually pulling the wire), checked the leads inside the nozzle, and opened up the casing to have a look inside for blown fuses or obvious disconnections.

The welder is still not working and we suspect the problem is electronic or to do with the motor.

Could anybody take a look at it for us? We are out of town for the week and have left the welder in the workshop with the casing unscrewed. We would appreciate anyone’s assistance!

A link to the manual is here (MHV owns the 135 model):

Thanks all :slight_smile:

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I will have a look at it tonight and see if I can work something out. However I am no expert in this sort of thing.

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Thanks, Ben! That’s really appreciated.

So @jambulance and I had a look at the welder last night, we checked a few of the obvious things that the trouble shooting guide said to look at. We couldn’t see anything wrong with it, so we will need to take it to a professional to look at. Hopefully we will get it to the repair shop and back before the snail build resumes.

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Ah shoot. Travis and I tried too and couldn’t get anywhere. Thanks for taking a look.

I am undecided if I will head down to Canberra this weekend, if I do I could take it in to be fixed then (if it can’t be looked at before then). Does MHV have any preferred repair person or should I just google a few?

Sadly I won’t be in Canberra this week. @jambulance @Rurik it would be amazing if one of you/someone could drop it by to the repair shop. Sorry I am not there to do it myself :worried:

What’s the repair shop? If we’re spending money to fix it we should consider buying a new one or getting 15amps plugged in and using the other one we have…etc.
Just saying. Hopefully we can get this one fixed for cheap though!

If you want to price new welders, and get a quote for a 15amp circuit then you’re welcome to.

The current welder in question is a ‘light industrial’ welder and would have a fairly decent duty cycle compared to the “cheaper” ones from Bunnings.

@devdsp had a look over the week and suspects that the cable from the unit to the torch is damaged (by moving it around it he was able to have some success with arcing and feeding).
I’ve called Total Tools and it is a part that we buy a replacement for.
I need to get the exact product number (apparently on the back of the unit) before they are able to give me an exact price.
If anyone happens to be in the space before me - could you please post the part number here?
(we have an earlier model of this:

Hi All, good to hear that we can hopefully replace. @crashman39, if possible at the Pi jam tomorrow could you take a look at the back of the welder and post that part number?

yep i can do that

Here it is

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