Heating issues

hey guys. when I got in this morning at 11:30am it was obvious the heating had been on all night, the space was pretty warm. the light next to the heater switch was also still lit

I have switched off all the strip heaters on the side of the units as well as at the fuse box. its switch number 19 on the fuse box which is located next to the heater switch. I will also write a note about this and put it next to the heater switch

looks like the heater switch is not working, I thought it was meant to turn off after 2 hrs?

What about LUA code and an ESP8266 to send out an alert if the temperature goes past certain thresholds?

-- Callback Function to transmit the temperature
function log_temperature()
  sk=net.createConnection(net.TCP, 0)
  sk:on("receive", function(sck, c) print(c) end )
  sk:on("connection", function(sck) 
  if (temp>21) && (time > 2300) then
    sk:send("GET /alert/temp1"?temp="..temp.." HTTP/1.0")
  end )

or something like that :slight_smile:

Link to an sms service to send a notification SMS perhaps?