Headstock casting - cleaned and ready to bore

Evening all.
I’ve been tied to home for the last couple of weeks so I’ve used the time to continue work on the headstock casting that I posted a couple of weeks ago. It’s been filed to fit the ways and the clamps have been made for the box-slide ways.

Temporary mountings for the boring bar have been completed. I assembled the thing to test that it’s going to run, approximately, as required, and to run the temporary bearings in a bit. I also need to shape the grooves in the pulleys to a more reasonable profile before I start this exercise, and need to do some work on the extra pulleys so that the lead screw rotation is geared right down.

It’s getting there.


I am in awe !!!

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I didn’t know how to include a video, the other day, when I posted this. :smiley:

Today I acquired some 24.8mm threaded rod from a Men’s shed cleanup.

Thread is pretty clean/sharp and straight rod. 1x1500mm and 1x2100mm.

Made me think of your project…and dreaming of a project for myself.

Would any of that thread be useful to you?

Hi spanner888,
Thanks for your consideration! I still have a couple of bits of that size that I haven’t used, yet - well, roughtly, (3’x1" 8tpi) (I tend to work in inches because I’ve found it easier when working from American doco, though not always - parts availability is sometimes an issue).

I bought those when Masters was finishing up, and, because I was looking at building a Yeomans-styled concrete lathe. I opted, in the end, to try to build something that’s a bit more of a hybrid that steals from Yeomans, G.B. Round, Romig and Gingery. The idea/design is sound, enough, but I’m still finding alignment and boring difficult.
Cheers, Chris.