Hacker Camp Shenzhen on again in June

Just a quick note that Dengerous Prototypes are running their Hacker Camp Shenzhen again in June (Codenamed “Vol 5: Componentopia”):


It runs-into the Shenzhen Maker Faire too, so you can get 2 events for the price of one plane ticket!

Costs are US$250/student, US$300/normal, US$400/sponsor. Flights to Hong Kong ex. Sydney are about $600 return and take about 9 hours (There’s an international airport in Shenzhen, but you can only get there via Shanghai, so it’ll take a bout 10 hours longer and cost more). Visas cost about $100 for a single entry. Hotels cost about $30/night.

I’m going and taking my brother with me. Former MHV-er, Angus Gratton has done it before too.

Here’s a docco covering the experience:

Here’s Ian’s hacker camp presentation videos for a virtual experience:

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I went last time. Can’t speak highly enough of Ian, Jin and the other Shenzhen crowd that made us feel extremely welcome.

The photos in that link bring back memories (I’m even in most of them :slight_smile:

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+1 highly recommended. Have been back to Shenzhen once more already!

I wrote a bit about the camp here:

(Although I don’t think the mobile phone repair / BGA re-balling is still part of the camp. Would recommend it anyhow, though!)