Gray Barrel

Hey all,

Does anyone know what happened to the gray barrel that was out the front of the space? It is a component of a project I am working on. It was there last Tuesday but not there last nigh.


I noticed yesterday that chain and lock on the gate to the left of the building had been removed.
I wrapped some sheet metal around it to ‘lock’ it quickly.

A similar thing happened with the gate to the right of the building October last year. That time orienteering group shed was broken into and camping equipment was stolen.

I don’t know but I’m sorry to say it is possible it was stolen.

I think it is probably gone for good but I thought it was worth asking any way.

I stopped by after work this afternoon and I ran into some orienteering people.

They had been broken into again, though they were not sure if anything had been taken.

It must have been somewhere between sunday afternoon and tuesday evening.

I will contribute to the replacement barrel fund.

Thanks but don’t worry about it. This one was a bit of a practice run anyway. I have another barrel ready to go that I was planning on not making the same mistakes in anyway. I will just get to it a bit sooner.

However I am thinking it might be worth putting some cameras up. There are some good options for building trail cams from raspberry pi zeros fairly cheap. I would be happy to have a look into that when I get back from NZ.