Glass snail progress

Basics of the frame are done! Steering, gearing, brakes. Next is seats, then the start of art supports!


Question: does anyone have spare old bike frames lying around? We’re looking just for the head tubes to form the moving base of the snail’s neck. If you’ve got a junky bike you don’t mind us cutting up, we’ll happily pick it up! Also looking for bungee cords and translucent material.

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I have. But in Kambah :flushed:

Call if it’s useful.




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I have one I’ll drop it in today

Fantastic, thank you Steve! We’ll be using a least two.

Cycle Jam at the ANU recyclery has many frames. The usually deal is that Saturdays run as a co-op and all resources are freely available to good faith needs, though the new director is wanting to change things up in regards to how “free” items work. I’m certain that if you come down of a Satuday morning and have a chat that you’ll be able to go home with what you need. We’d be pretty interested to hear about your project as well.

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Thanks Chris for that info! Really helpful. We’ll check out the recyclery.

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Gordon, who we met this afternoon, just sent me the link to the video he was telling you and Travis about.

Thanks Jamie!

Snail frame has begun- the rudimentary head turns!


Folks, it’s a faint hope but is there a tap to borrow, for 10mm bolt hole with every fine pitch - half the standard M10 pitch of 1.5mm, ie 0.75mm.

I don’t see such a fine thread in tap tables, it’s for a microscope.

Hi Michael, I think you might have sent that message just to me privately. You might want to post it on the public forum. I can post it for you if you like!

Umm well I’m sorted via eBay. Thanks. How’s the snail?

It’s great!! All built now! If you want to come see it, information about when we are displaying is on our website at

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Wow, how cool. Will seek snail, hoping to find absolutely no slimy trails, nor any temptation to squash it under foot in order to reduce local snail population.

Is there international travel planned for her/him/it?


No international travel planned, but the snail is seeking a home. We are looking for a place to store it for a few months - a shed, garage, patch of land where we can tarp it. Do you have any suggestions or possible contacts?

Snail is finally all built! Come check it out in person. List of dates and times is here:


I Have space if it’s needed, though access is really tricky. Feel free to call about it!