Getting rid of some couches, move the big table - yes or no?

The last AGM identified that the way we use the space isn’t really working: we’re too cramped in the main workshop for people to work on projects comfortably. Some stuff has to go. Many have suggested we should cull some couches & move the main big table out of the workshop and into the common room area.


  • Table & chair isn’t as comfy as couch
  • We might feel squeezed if we try to move the soldering stuff in too?
  • Do we need to worry about how to avoid accumulating clutter in the common room?


  • The big TV should probably follow the big table
  • We may have to re-hang or otherwise move the lighting art
  • We can still socialize around a table
  • The couches weren’t as heavily utilized when we were at Downer anyway


  • Heated/cooled area to do more work-type things
  • Free up space in main workshop
  • We might have somewhere to put a mill/lathe (see Lathe+Mill package purchase discussion )
  • Separate some of the “clean” activity stuff from the sawdust-generating stuff (may have to cull even further, i.e. move the fridge out & stuff).
  • I’m happy to move the big table, cull all couches if necessary
  • I’m happy to move the big table, but keep a couch or two please
  • I have some other suggestion I’ll reply with below

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I would like to keep at least two couches with the tv + games

Since the AGM things have improved:

  • There is now a table setup in the kitchen area,
  • Some junk was moved outside and no longer wasting workshop space,
  • The large work tables in the workshop where arranged better.
  • Tools and other stuff more organised.

The back (printer) room hasn’t been touched for a while and further improvement could be made there. I propose swapping the non printer table & shelf with the soldering bench currently in the workshop.

Winter will eventually end, then it will be nice to be able to open the roller door and gather/work in the fresh air again.

Perhaps a tempered approach would be swap half the tables with half the couches. I think things will always have to change periodically to suit shifting project needs and seasons.

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