Garden roster

Lets organise to look after the garden we started last week.

I figure we can take turns for a week at a time.

I’m not sure how often it needs to be watered.
Every 2-3 days maybe? - anyone else have advise?

I watered it yesterday evening, and I volunteer to take next week 20/11 -> 26/11

who would like the following weeks?
27/11 -> 03/12
04-12 -> 10/12
11-12 -> 17/12
18-12 -> 24/12
25-12 -> 12/31
01/01 -> 07/01
08/01 -> 14/01
15/01 -> 21/01
22/01 -> 28/01

and so on.

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I watered the garden
It rained Wednesday
and Friday.

Is someone able to take over, the next day is Sunday.

Things that I am aware of happening with the garden recently:

  • The tomatoes @csirac2_ bought for the garden bee are all going well, stakes have been added for support. Each of the three plants now have fruit.
  • @mon 's daisies are also going well. The parsley seems ok, but not getting any bigger. But sadly all of the other plants we planted (I forget what they where, looked like sticks with roots) died quickly after the garden bee.
  • An automatic watering timer and sprinkler hose has been installed. It is set to go off every second day for 15 minutes.
  • A bunch of grass grew back quickly after the garden bee virtually covering the whole garden again. @jambulance weeded half and I did the other half a week later.
  • Several ~25cm capsicums have been planted. They came from inside and they all suffered bad leaf bleaching as they adjusted to the sun.
  • 8 capsicum seedlings (3-4cm) have been planted.
  • 6 strawberries have been planted
  • Sugar cane mulch has been used to cover the exposed soil
  • Liquid fertilizer has been added the last couple fortnights.
  • Snails have destroyed 7 of the capsicum seedlings, and badly damaged the majority of already stressed 25cm capsicums.
  • Snail bait spread across the bricks along the fence side.

For anyone using the tap.
You can easily get water leaving the timer in place. Unscrew the transparent cap on the timer and use the on/off buttons to manually control the water switch. Please remember to reconnect hose and note the sprinkler doesn’t need much water pressure at all, and too much just causes the sprinkler to over shoot the garden doing no good.

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There is a handful of tomatoes in the fridge free to anyone who wants them.
If they are looking too old to eat throw them back into the garden, hopefully the seeds will self germinate next year.
If you want more tomatoes help your self anything looking ripe from the plants in the garden.
Though I’m keen to see what the capsicums/chillies produce so if you could please leave them alone for the time being.

Photo of the green house setup to try and protect things over the winter.
The day I put it up it hailed at the space.
Also the tomatoes have now been removed.

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Last of the chilli harvest for this season.


Pickled jalapenos from the MHV garden


Images from mhv garden.


Over the last few weeks the garden has been prepared for winter.

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Is there anything else you need a hand with.
Thank you for the effort over summer and the beatiful :tomato: s

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Help would be awesome.

Other things that need doing

  • build a wall to replace the tarp.
  • remove the ivy on the out side of the fence

I had a go at the ivy last year but never got back to it.

I figured the existing rubble could be reused in a cinder block mold for the wall. There is some cement in the bathroom. Not sure how to anchor it the the ground / existing walls properly.