Found MHV again and looking to visit

Wow! I last went to a MHV meeting ‘years’ ago to donate a mallet when you were still at Downer. While researching my current project, I just stumbled over the MHV site and found you’ve moved not far from me to Giralang now.

My current project I’m working on is a small Kerbal Space Program controller with a motorised throttle driven by a Nema8 stepper motor, 4988 driver and an Arduino Uno to move the throttle to either 100% or 0%. I’ve already got the digital display working for 8 digits and I have the usual plans to expand that greatly.

Was hoping to come by to say hello and see what projects were going on.

I was also hoping to ask if there was anyone who might had some experiences with steppers motors and Arduinos to ask some questions about power supplies specifically?

What day would be better to come by? Tues or Wed?

Wednesday night would probably be you best bet this week. Or most weeks for anything electronic

awesome! Guess I’ll be in on Wednesday :slight_smile:

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