Forum software updated

Hi All,

I’ve updated the forum software to the latest version. Let me know here or on email if you notice any problems.

Hopefully this cuts down the on the spam that @ian flagged too. (Thanks for flagging it @ian!)



Same as always - notice any bugs etc let me know :slight_smile:

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Updated again.


Not sure if this is related, but as of a few days ago I am missing some of the avatars, e.g.

Clicking “View Image” on one of the broken ones gives a 404. e.g.

This may be a firefox issue but I doubt as some are showing. [later] Not firefox, direct download (curl) gets a 404 too.
However, good avatars reside in a different location, e.g.:
May be related?


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I don’t believe it to be related, as it was occurring before the update.
At some point, someone with access (is that only me? :frowning:) will need to look into it.

Although, perhaps it’s fixed now?

It appears as though the missing ones were for accounts that hadn’t uploaded an avatar. That could explain the difference in directory too @eyal

Forget it then, I tried on another machine and I see everything, must be something on my side.

Oh no, that’s not what I meant - sorry.
It was definitely happening on my machine before the upgrade too.
I just think whatever was the problem has been resolved now.

I now have a clearer picture of the situation.

Using the latest firefox (65.0) I get broken links to the profile images.
Using Windows ff (61.0) or older Linux ff (56.0) the broken links simply are not showing at all.
Windows IE also shows broken image icon.

I originally thought that all was well (the screen looked clean) - it isn’t, members without an avatar used to show as a letter and are now showing either as broken links or simply not at all.

In short, it seems that the letter avatars are the problematic ones. Old ff quietly ignores the broken links while the new ff shows a broken link icon.


Ah! My browser here at work had the images cached, causing me to think all was well.

Clearing the cache shows the broken images.

Updated again, same as always - notice any bugs etc let me know


and again, this time with a new theme.
let me know of any bugs.

we can work on the theme - the plan is eventually to tie the theme into the new website refresh work that I plan to start over Dec/Jan (whatever that ends up looking like)/


Thanks Jamie, looks good.