Forum Signatures?

As the post title suggests :smile:

Would be nice to have signatures (obviously with maybe some kind of rules as to length, size of graphics if any (whether graphics are auto excl, etc))

Not supported in Discourse. I’m glad - they make reading messages harder, and what one person thinks is funny is often offensive to someone else.


Yeah, I have to admit my interest in .sigs waned somewhere in the mid 90’s. They become just another bit of boilerplate to parse-over when you’re after the real information.
Nowadays all your personal flare/flavour can be presented in your profile if people want to search for it (Which you generally didn’t have in the 90’s - because you were mostly pseudonymous).

Yeah true, I am mostly use to the old school ones where there were no or
limited graphics (and moderators actively enforced the rules too, this kept
signatures under control and forums readable)

I use to see it also as somewhere to show your pride, and made it easier to
sign off a message too (something like Cheers\nMax)

Though maybe I might be trying to cling onto that 90’s nostalga a little
too much :slight_smile: