Forum "Projects" section

Would anyone else be interested in seeing a “Projects” section to this forum?

At the moment I have little idea what other people are working on around the place, other than those that happen to be in MHV at the same time I am and feel like a chat.

It would be good to have a broader idea of what people are doing.

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Absolutely. I’ll add it :slight_smile:

This will help encourage me to turn up :smile:


As for what goes there? What about one topic per project, starting off with a description of what you (the maker) are making, along with what challenge you are trying to solve at present:

This is my pneumatic water level sensor project. I’m intending to have a ZigBee-connected micro controller that wakes up a few times a day, checks the water level in the rainwater tank, and reports the data back to “base”. So far I’ve found how to drive the pump and take readings from the pressure sensor. Then I found that the pump I’ve chosen needs at least 3.5V to turn over, which means I can’t run it from my Seeeduino Stalker without a bigger battery. Challenges I am currently trying to solve are:

  • reducing power consumption so the 10cm2 solar panel can keep it alive (the solar panel doesn’t even have enough capacity to power the XBee),
  • sorting out a store-and-forward system so that the ZigBee network doesn’t need a computer turned on all day, and
  • how to get the air tube through the wall of my IP66 container without compromising the environmental protection (current plan: double barb hose joiner glued through a hole in the wall)

I plan to be in the space on Tuesdays after work (about 6:30pm to 9pm). I’ll have my usual suite of Arduinos, electronics components, test equipment and soldering station.

There is some documentation of projects on the wiki (the SSL certificate is expired on the wiki at the moment )

Wiki seems to have gone out of use a bit at the moment - up to people to decide where they prefer to do stuff - but probably worth some cross referencing too.

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