Food + Drinks Donations?

I’ll post this in general as I am not a member of the Committee, however it may be more relevant there.

I’ve been curious about restocking the fridge and “pantry” with snacks, I had a look around for Fanta and Sprite (which I have observed to be rather popular) however most stores were quite expensive, over $1 per can in packs of 24 (Different to the $0.15-0.50 I’m used to for cans of pepsi, or $0.60 for coke).
I guess what I’m looking for here is some sort of consensus on what food and snack items are and are not desirable, so should any member stumble upon them for cheap, they would be able to purchase and donate them

I saw some rather cheap 30-packs of (expired) pepsi max some time back, before I joined MHV for example, and had I seen them today I’d be more than happy to fill up my car with as many crates as I could and donate them, however I’m not confident with the whole “Expired” thing, and it appears there is already plenty of expired pepsi to go round as it is.
Some clarification or rules here might be nice.

Perhaps some kind of publicly posted shopping list, so that if someone stumbles across cheap Fanta, they’d be able to purchase it for MHV with confidence.

Thoughts on this?

I have been meaning to get more cans, but I wait until I see them on special.
The last time I saw pepsi it was only 20% off. It regularly falls to 50% off so I’m still waiting.

Cans that are too old start to taste more metallic. - kind of disturbing when I think about it.

I think @eyal buys the can chips

Currently no one formally is managing snacks, so if you feel like restocking it will be appreciated, or if you want something specific then you best bet is to put some in the fridge yourself.

  • Common sense of course: Eg, Alcohol can not be sold, and probably avoid perishable things like fruit.

Also on food,
the coffee machine is cool, I prefer that it dosn’t do milk.

Relying people to clean up milky food preparation equipment after use will simply fail. It will become gross and annoying.

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I’ve been throwing the occasional thing or two in the fridge, I saw some raspberry coke for cheap so I bought all I could, but it’d be nice to know what everyone wants, not just myself.

(As for the expired pepsi, I did buy myself a few boxes some time back, and as time goes on the metallic taste is somewhat grating on me, so I can imagine that’s not something most people would enjoy)

Anyway, I guess I’ll keep my eyes open and if I see anything cheap enough, I’ll just buy it and bring it in.

As for the coffee machine, the milk attachment is a totally external apparatus for ease of cleaning, however if left full of milk for a few days they can get rather disgusting.
In the interest of health it may be safest to simply remove it as an option to avoid any issues entirely, if so I can try and repair the machine by “hotwiring” the vaporiser so the machine will happily make black coffee, and if anyone tries using it to make something with milk, they’ll just end up with a lukewarm, watery cappuccino.
(Naturally there’s nothing stopping them from pouring the milk in after the fact, so I don’t see this as an issue)

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I just brought some cans to restock the fridge, Ill drop them in today.