Feb 5, 2016 12:30PM: ACT Property Group inspection

We’re overdue for a working bee so I guess we won’t have time to address the graffiti on the brickwork downstairs (thanks to those that painted the door though!).

So if anybody happens to be at the space leading up to Friday, @jellyware has kindly volunteered to meet with ACTPG for our property inspection so it’d be great if we could take care of any easily remedied mess and rubbish that may be lying around the place, and at the very least don’t leave the space in any more of a mess than you started with.

For upstairs, I think we mostly just need a bit of a vacuum. Downstairs, I guess the main thing would be to just get junk off the floor (where possible!) :smiley:

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I got it covered one of the perks of unemployment. I’ll pop in tonight ang have a tidy/vacume while I run a satnogs print.

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That’s awesome Paul, and massively appreciated! Don’t feel you have to spend heaps of time especially if it’s just you there. If you first check and find we’re missing anything you need, feel free to use donation box money (keep receipts) for resupply or we also reimburse members directly (keep receipts).

P.S. at this rate I’ll have to say that you mostly built this thing at my SatNOGS presentation at BSides, I’d be happy to shout you a ticket :smiley:

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No worries mate.

One of the perks of being a 26 year old divorced dude that I have lots of free time and the space may as well make the most off that because one off these days I’ll have a job.

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OK so upstairs I:

Moped, and;
Killed a few spiders and their webs waiting for the print to finish and I’m out.

Upstairs looks good and the floors much cleaner. I didn’t have a chance to do anything downstairs.


Do we know if anything was anything raised during the inspection that needs to be fixed or addressed.

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No issues with the property itself AFAIK, thanks heaps for your efforts Paul - I know Peter was grateful he didn’t have anything extra to do :slight_smile:

thats true paul. I was was very grateful. thanks paul