ESP32 + LoRa + BlueTooth + OLED display boards

I’m fascinated by LoRa - long-range, low-bitrate 900MHz (among other) radio protocol for IoT things. Has anybody played with them? I don’t have time and really shouldn’t … but I saw this and thought it might interest others:

They look interesting.

Lora has small packets at low speeds and there is a limit to how much data you can send in a period of time.

Quite handy in a number of uses where you don’t need to transmit that much data.

The OLED screens are nice.

It seems that I might be getting into LoRa WAN.

I met the guy in Sydney last night who runs the Network for Sydney.

They do lots of devices for Customers such as Councils. There’s another Sydney Meetup in the coming two weeks that I’m planning to attend.

It’s a pretty good urban communications protocol from what I understand.

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I’ve got a bunch of different LoRa boards to play with across 433 and 900mhz, some soldering required. I’ll bring it to the next electronics Wednesday :+1:

. . . . and an SDR to look at the waveforms

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I’ve ordered two of these boards and will be looking to use them once they arrive.