Electronics Wednesdays – Can you help?

I’ll be out of the scene for about six weeks. My last opening will be this Wednesday 23, then back to opening in late May depending on recovery from holiday.

If you are free to open up for Wednesdays please let folks know. Ideally, post a thread here, and post an appointment in the Google Calendar for the group.

Catch you this Wednesday!

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And just a quick reminder that if you’d like to help open up but currently lack a key, please just ask :slight_smile:

I can assist but not every week, and only till May when I am going to Japan and hopefully Taiwan/PRC.

How would I get the key?

That’d be great @clixx_io, any extra openings are quite welcome, and many hands make light work of course. I’ve nominated you to be a keyholder over at Keyholder Nomination

We just need someone else to second your nomination (Eg. @ManicDee?) and then one of us can take you through opening/closing the space. I’d be happy to share my mobile number with you offline so that you can ring me if you get stuck.

You need to be a current “official” member by ensuring you’ve registered at https://members.makehackvoid.com/ and agreed to our code of conduct https://makehackvoid.com/code-of-conduct/

Part of the responsibility of having a key is being available for contact for requests for space openings. Usually that means listing yourself and some form of an email address at https://wiki.makehackvoid.com/voussoirs

Hi Paul,

That’s all fixed now. I should be able to do it tri-weekly in European-speak which is once in every three weeks.

The good news is that we have been getting fresh faces coming along most times, so it definitely seems that we should do what we can to keep it going.

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@Paul_Buckley has mentioned he could open nearly every second week, I think starting next week. @clixx_io, do you know roughly which week you’ll be able to come in? We should coordinate so that yourself & @Paul_Buckley can spread yourselves out.

As it stands currently, we’re not scheduled for an opening tonight (so if someone was going to sneak in tonight to open up, you should tell me :slight_smile:

I can Open for next week, 6th May. The meeting title will be 'Controlling Electronics over the Internet with MQTT".

Then, I can open on the 20th May and will work on choosing a theme. Hopefully a Power Generation topic.

Sounds fantastic, I’ll put it in the various calendars. I’ll make sure one of us is there to help open and get you a key and induct you into the wonderful world of hackerspace opening/closing.