Electronic Wednesday 28/11

Hi all
i will open at 1830 tonight

OMG we have a finished project
Eyal has finished his portable battery pack

This project was to build a portable power supply in a (gutted) Aldi Xfinity battery charger, which can be simply plugged into a battery module (a 20V 4Ah here). Naturally I have a second, unmolested, charger to top up the battery. Good thing Aldi were clearing the chargers very cheaply.

The module is a RuiDeng DPS3005 (commonly available on aliexpress) which can drive 5A up to 30V (but not from the 20V battery here).

The (ABS) case was cut with a rotary tool (a Dremel kind), a drill and files.

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I love the idea of portable power. What are you planning on using it for? I personally use 12V so I use cheapo ebay CCTV Batteries.
Besides being able to go higher than 12V what would the benefits for what you’re doing be? (I guess there’s safety, reliability and durability. I worry these cheapos will go boom boom some day)

@Amr_Tawfik, I want it as a general utility device whenever I need power away from the bench (where I have a “proper” power supply). I usually need 3.3v, 5v, 6v and rarely higher. Current limiting is good to have when hacking.

This is a very cheap setup, so as for reliability…nuff said

That makes plenty of sense now. Thanks! Good work!