Electronic Wednesday 11th Oct

Hi all
I will not be opening up on Wednesday night due to my birthday dinner , if anyone can open up that would be great!, if you need a key pm me and we can meet up and i’ll lend you my key .


Ken will open at1830 on wednesday evening .
Have fun .
Thanks ken

Happy Birthday Steve and have a great day. See you next Wednesday.

Best Wishes and kind regards

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Let me wish you a happy birthday and wish you the best, and be as strong as you are. This year is going to be a lucky one for you, I am libra too and related to a site my birthday numbers are the best possible for me. When I passed the numerology compatibility test that I found in an article, I found out that on my birthday a scientist discovered a comet flying near the earth, in the day when I was born.

come on Wednesday night from 1830 till 2130 ,
bring any questions and we’ll help you out as much as possible.

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