Electronic Wednesday 07/08

Hi all
I’ll be opening at 1830 for tonights glorious electronic Wednesday.
See you all there

Hi Steve, Eyal, Ryan, and others,
This is Simon from Maine, USA. I used to come to the Wednesday electronics group. I hope you guys are doing well. I will turn 16 on August 15th and I want to get a Raspberry Pi 4B but don’t know which retailer to get it from. Are there any which you recommend? In terms of accesories, I think I need the power supply and the micro HDMI to full HDMI. Are there others that you would recommend?

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Hi Simon
Great to hear from you😁,well you could have a look at Adafruit, I dont who in your state would have the best price, do some looking around on the net. You need the micro HDMI ,the Pi4 can be powered with one of the older Paspberry Pi power supplies ( the 2.5amp one) and get a micro usb to usb C adapter, thats what i run on my Pi 4, Paul and I are working on smart car for the raspberry pi jams that i run i’ll post some pictures here for you later today
I did get the 4 gb Pi4 and its going great!!:+1:.


Thanks for the info Steve!
Thank you,

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