E asset register template

Hey All,

For my new job one of the things I need to do is keep a track of our electronic assets things like services we pay for, data bases we use, online content management systems ETC. I think I need a single register for this so I know where stuff is easily. Has anyone got a template or what info i should record that they could send me that would give me what info I need to look for? My basic plan is to just stick it in a spread sheet as we shouldn’t have that much to deal with. However it is just enough that I won’t be able to keep it in my head.


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Search for asset management spreadsheet. In addition to the first few templates that show up, think about whether you need “owner” &/or “assigned to” columns and any depreciation columns.

Don’t have to worry too much as you can easily add/remove columns in spreadsheet. But this means you have to be careful as it is also easy to accidentally change content, so be careful with file versions/history and ALSO do seperate backups.

Sometimes it is good to add drop downs - eg for locations and owners, but these can also cause issues.