Donated P2 dust mask mini-bulk pack and cutting fluid

G’day folks,

As part of my building my forge shenanigans today I needed to obtain some dust masks and some cutting fluid from Bunnies. I’ve left them in the stuff room in the workshop. The cutting fluid is on the top shelf with the solvents. It worked a treat when I took my hole saw bit to 5mm mild rolled steel with a lot of pecking due to the “seen better days” belts in the poor drill press.

The dust masks are particularly awesome as it’s very easy to adjust so they don’t fog up your safety glasses.

Also during my procurement hunt I also managed to find a source of UV+IR safety glasses which are Shade 3 as opposed to the usual Shade 5 which requires very bright lighting to use. They’re a “uvex super f otg” “Grey welding shade 3 infradur lens” 9169-043 from a safety gear mob who’s name escapes me on the corner of Cessnock St and Goolwa Place in Fyshwick. They’re new and interestingly where open on a Saturday.

Happy Hacking

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