Does anyone have an MHL adapter?

I have a Galaxy Tab S 8" with a dead screen. Not sure how dead (touch?). I thought I can try an MHL adapter to unlock the screen, after which I should be able to access some content over USB.

I have an MHL adapter that works with my very old Galaxy Note but not with the more recent Galaxy Tab or the even younger Lenovo Tab.

Eyal, I have one or two, but they never worked with the HTC phones I was trying to use them with. I think this is because they’re meant for some kind of Samsung device. You’re welcome to the one I know I can lay my hands on. If it turns out not to work for you, you’re welcome to keep it too.

If you and I are both at the next CLUG (Next week?) and I remember to bring it, I’ll give it to you.

Thanks @M0les, I plan to attend CLUG (the after-LCA meeting is always interesting). I am happy to grab your adapter.

Thanks @M0les,

[I collected the cable tonight at CLUG]

This cable works with my (broken) Galaxy Tab S. I am now one step closer to gaining access to it.

Thanks again,