Does anyone have a rotory encoder i could borrow?

Hi all
Does anyone have a rotory encoder spare so i can get this project going, I only need it for a week to get this project going.


Which type of encoder?

Encoder switch commonly used for menu control, or an encoder for motor shaft position detection?

I have a couple of the switches and some rough laser cut MDF encoder wheels that might work with optical switches (also on hand) - but I have not actually tested if that works.

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one for menu control :laughing:

So solder type

(see left one and details in link, plus pretty sure tested with std Arduino code) or prototype plugin wire style on right.

Have longer shaft version of left one and also knobs.

You want to pick up from the space or ā€¦?
Not sure if I will be out much this weekend with all the rain coming, let me know ASAP.

the longer shaft one will be fine, also i can pick it up from you place?. where do you live, iā€™m in holt