Discord chat on tuesday 14/04/20

Hi All
Jamie has set up a discord channel (Make Hack Void) for people from MHV to chat via text or voice .
Rurik(ben) and myself (crashman39) will be on the vioce channel on tuesday night to talk and say hi to people from 1930k time (thats AEST), so we hope to see you or hear you on the channel .

Discord runs on windopes linux and mac os ios and andriod

see you all there

Edit:: (Jamie) So this is at the top; here is a link to join: https://discord.gg/Vthu2hh

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OK, I’m slow and have no idea what discord is. I did some searching and it seems that I need to connect to a discord server?

Do I need to install a program or is it accessible from a browser?

Some doco says that one just follows a link to join a meeting but none is provided.
I do not know what to do with the provided “discord channel (Make Hack Void)”.


Yes you have to d/l the program or use it in the browser so i’ll msg you later this arvo to help you

Sounds good Steve :+1: (and ack your appropriate use of timezones)

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Link to join the server is https://discord.gg/Vthu2hh

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Thanks guys, I’m set now.


thanks for the link jamie

discord not like me. Clicked link, went through process to save account/chat, verified my email…but won’t let me in. “Something not right” and wants my mobile…which I treasure and don’t give out much.

Tried link again to go from scratch…,but now told link invalid.

looks like chrome and not create account works