Dec 22, 2015 6:30PM: Tuesday meetup - Novena & Deltaprintr shenanigans

@mon & @batau dropped in to print a new kind of snowflake. Another member dropped by to show us his Novena portable ARM computer (it also does SDR! And many other things :smile:

Paul.W dropped in with his almost-working Deltaprintr and thanks to some teamwork it was fired it up and pronterface successfully jogged it up and down. Next, a part of the filament extruder system had issues due to plywood being partially stripped out with a brass fitting it was meant to retain, so @devdsp used further 3DPRINTING HACKERSPACE POWERS to print a replacement from one of MHV’s 3D printers (new part left, old/damaged part right):

The novena was used to run/debug the deltaprinter:

And a closeup of the deltaprintr itself:

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It looks like all sorts of amazing fun happened after we left! :smiley: :snowflake:

But you missed my poorly informed and possibly misguided rant about Linux kernel security politics :smiley: