Crypto Party 2015, Saturday May 16th

Greetings fellow suspects!

Given our esteemed leaders penchant for knowing exactly which cats we’re talking to, I think it’s time for us to host another CryptoParty!

I’m proposing Saturday May 16th, starting 13:30 and going until people have had enough!

Please share ideas for what you want to get out of it.

So far we’ll try to cover:

  • Using TOR, its pros and cons
  • Setting up PGP for mail
  • OTR messaging apps
  • Encrypted SMS
  • General Operational Security
  • PGP Keysigning

If you’ve got anything else you want to go through, please let us know, here via the wiki, or my email address ( )

Also, If you’ve experience with something and you want to talk about it, let us know!

There’s a wiki page at:, which will be fleshed out over the next few weeks with a bit of an agenda and timeline.


+1 keen.

I really want to come to this :smiley:

That would be cool!

My interest lately has been ssh key management. If in the unlikely event I find the time to flesh something out properly, I feel I could fill 20-30 minutes working through pulling private keys out of ssh-agent processes with one of the gdb scripts floating around the place (moral of the story: use a smartcard/yubikey; and/or don’t allow your ssh-agent to keep your keys loaded forever). Also, I’ve been exploring the failure modes of things like ssh-keygen on embedded devices and virtual machines starved of entropy; but it’s early days for me on that topic.

I’m sorry folks, I’m not going to be able to run this cryptoparty anymore. I may try again in a few months, after various family related things settle down.

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Sorry to hear that. I will still be interested in a few months! :smile:

did this happen? I’m keen

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No it didn’t happen I’m sorry.

Happy to try again, it’ll be another week or so before I can really start planning.

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