Closing ANZ Bank Account

It would be good to transfer the remaining money from the ANZ account to the Commonwealth Bank one and close it. As part of working out how to close it we need to work out how to cancel the recurring payment to internode (not sure if that is at Internode or ANZ end).

Is someone willing to contact the ANZ bank and find out how we go about closing it?

I asked at the ANZ and if two people who can sign go in they can close the account and get a bank cheque to move the money to CommBank. Prefer if we bring a letter saying we are closing account.

There is only one payment coming out of the ANZ Bank account at the moment, an automated transfer to Internode (from the ANZ end, not Internode). Can someone with account access to the ANZ account see if they can turn that off, otherwise I guess it will be turned off when we close the account.

Can the committee please vote here on this:

We agree to close the ANZ Bank account and move the money across the new Commonwealth Bank account.

I vote to close the ANZ account.


I doth cast my vote of +1 (had to be 20 chars)

I’ve just reduced the minimum post length and entropy, we can increase it again if we get too many annoying posts. So just ‘+1’ should be valid now.

+1 to close the ANZ account.