Cleaning up our cabling/electrics at the space

We need to really get moving on engaging an electrician to tidy up the work-arounds we’ve made for inadequate power points and other issues around the space.

We had previously obtained a quote for electrical work but we didn’t follow through on modifying the requested work we wanted done.

There is also some interest in tidying up data & other cabling we now have around the place - this could be part of a working bee we should run soon.

Rather than talk about what should be done, let’s simply start by gathering requirements here - descriptions of locations assume standing in front of the building:

  • Extra points currently laid out temporarily around the common room - permanent power points instead?
  • A proper suspended socket over the tables in the common room?
  • Proper ethernet cabling between the common room and foyer (space probe, phone, lighting control) and back room
  • Proper ethernet cabling to the left wall of the main workshop from the back room (out to antenna mast for internet).
  • Two suspended sockets in the main workshop: one over each half?
  • 1x 15A outlet somewhere in main workshop (against the left wall?)
  • 3x extra 10A dual GPOs in main workshop: left wall, right wall, back wall
  • 1x extra 10A outlet in the foyer (for space probe, phone, lighting control)
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