Cheap solder sucker

A few months ago I bought a solder sucker. The usual pump action one was a pain to use, wicking was not much fun either, and a proper de-soldering station is a bit expensive for the rare times I need it.

I then found this hybrid. under $15. Last week I used it for the first time. I removed a DIP16 socket. One pump each pin, no extra solder needed to be added, and it just fell out. I was surprised how well it worked.

So if you have a need to desolder, not too often, then these ones may be right for you.


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Hi @eyal,

Thank you for the info. I bought one and I’ve been using it. It works well, but I have a question; how do you empty the solder sucker? I have used the solder sucker to desolder ~20 pins, but nothing comes out whenever I push down on the plunger. I can’t see any way to open up the plunger on this iron.

With my regular solder sucker, the solder comes out every time that I push down on the plunger. Sometimes I need to open it up to to remove the “crud” that builds up.



Hi @Julie_Smith

First, you can unscrew the tip and gain better access to the tube. Mine came with an extra tip and a long wire, presumably for cleaning.

Then the instructions (in Chinese?) have two drawings that suggest:

  • with the pump released (fully open)
  • push down on the part where the release button is. Presumably the pressure squeezes the seal between the tube and the heater, but I could not see any movement.
  • then pull out the whole mechanism.
    [later] See image below…

I did this once, it was rather difficult and I am not sure it came out unscathed, the flimsy plastic body is too weak for such handling.


Hi @eyal,

Thank you so much; mine came without any instructions.

I couldn’t push the the body of the pump down with my finger as shown in the diagram, but I was able to release it by using the edge of a table instead of my finger.

I’ve now been able to clean the pump.