Caution: Laser cutter coolant tube modified, check for leaks

Hi all,
Just a heads up, I’ve gotten part way through installing a flow meter in the laser cutter, however didn’t have everything I needed to finish.
As of now, I’ve ran the coolant loop for a few hours to make sure it’s not leaking, and as it is, everything’s fine.
That said, the outlet tube is now loosely sitting on top of and threaded into the reservoir, rather than affixed tightly. Because of this, it may eject itself from the reservoir if turned on, so be careful to check that it doesn’t.

Tomorrow I’ll grab everything else I need to finish it off, and will install the flow meter in a waterproof box using penetrators for the hoses and data lines, so that if the meter itself leaks, the cutter can continue functioning and the coolant will not flood the area.
Once this is done, I will reaffix the outlet tube to the reservoir.

The cutter is still totally safe to use, just make sure nothing’s leaking when you turn the cutter on, and check on it every few minutes that the cutter is turned on and the pump is energised to make sure nothing has changed.

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